Welcome to Utah Airways and thank you for visiting. Utah Airways was founded by two professional pilots David Story and Bret Kobe:

DSC_2981e_largeDavid Story is an entrepreneur and professional pilot with a long and successful business history. David completed his lifelong dream of flying when in 2005 he first started flying and instantly fell in love with airplanes and aviation in general. He decided, in that moment, that he wanted to pursue a career in aviation. After many years of hard work and dedication, David founded Utah Airways alongside his friend, and partner, Bret Kobe.

DSC_2965e_largeBret Kobe is a professional pilot and data geek. Bret has been flying since he was 16, and earned his pilot’s license before graduating from high school. He pursued a degree in aviation and has had countless opportunities to fly a variety of aircraft for numerous clients. Second to aviation, Bret has always had an interest in business management and operations. Prior to Utah Airways, Bret held a position as the Director of Aviation and Business Analyst. This position allowed his knowledge of data analysis and its applications to expand and grow. Bret was eager to work with his friend and business partner, David Story, and build Utah Airways so he can utilize his aviation and data analysis skills to build a business he is truly passionate about.

David and Bret recognized there was a void within the Salt Lake City area for a service allowing visitors and locals to spend the day viewing all that Utah, and its surrounding area, has to offer. Utah Airways provides the necessary bridge to fabulous destinations that have previously been inaccessible for day trips. We have listened to what people have been wanting, and Utah Airways provides the opportunity to visit major destinations surrounding Utah, and experience their astonishing attractions that are a must see, all within a single day. Located at the easily navigated Ogden Regional Airport, we are pleased to invite Utah tourists, and local customers, to come ski or hike the beautiful Wasatch Mountains and not miss out on the opportunity to easily access highlights surrounding Utah, including: Yellowstone National Park, The Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Utah’s Canyon Lands (Utah Arches) and Mount Rushmore. Come see us, and together we will visit these breathtaking destinations and create long-lasting memories all while having fun in the process. Utah Airways is Operated by Snowshoe Air, Air Carrier # 4SSA189N

NatePicNate Moffett is a professional videographer/photographer/digital media specialist. His passion for production started in his teens and in 2007 he decided to make his dreams a reality and pursue it as a career. Since then he has been involved in the production of hundreds of videos, ventured into photography and web design and has loved every second of it. In addition to his love for production, he is an avid outdoorsmen and when the busy schedule of life allows him to have a break, he’ll be found in the mountains on the nearest river fly fishing.

Our fleet consists of the PA-31 Piper Navajo aircraft. The Piper Navajo has served as a commuter aircraft for years and it is one the best aircraft build by piper. Please take a look at our configuration, we can seat 6 passengers on our aircraft so you can have the best private experience possible as you soar into the air and take in the views.

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